Motherhood is not easy. My idea is--motherhood is not a science, but an art. Our style of mothering is based on our own life experience, good or bad. Thus, mothers want and need a break--often. However, we equate "good motherhood" with taking care of home and family, all that pertains to other things and other people first. 

We appreciate when others think about us and do things to show appreciation. But, I want us women, especially mothers, to not wait for others to roll out the red carpet and attempt to make us feel good. Instead, let us shower that love and attention on ourselves, just like we lavish it on significant others in our lives. I know that this idea might seem frightening, and even selfish. But, ask any woman in pop culture about the integrity of self care, self appreciation, and pampering; she will tell you that it can be done, and once you make that first step, it will be something that you will continue because it is, quite frankly, a life line, a true life saver, an action that is life giving and life preserving.

Let this Mother's Day be the first step to embrace pampering. However, some of us do take time out for pampering--but not enough. I want us to do it often and allow it to be an integral part of our day-to-day living. I want mothers, and all women, who give so much of themselves to others and other things, to embrace LuxeLiving! I suggest starting with the following spa products from "The Art of Indulgence Line." Click on the pic for more details. Thank you.
~Health and Wealth,

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