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KeKeMichel SpaLiving has some excellent new spa items you will love! The summer is here and you want that special glow to your skin. Travelistas will enjoy the travel size ensembles. All items are guaranteed for all price points. Enjoy pampering in style!

Soft & Delicate
Glam Travelista Set
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Soothing Spa Delights
Palm Springs Travelista Set
1. Work Your Body
Being fit and trim boosts your self-esteem, posture, and your over all energy level. Women who work out at the gym, take yoga or belly dancing are amazed at their level of sensuality, and have an inner and outer glow.
2. Take Care Of Your Emotional Self
Do not be hard on yourself. Instead, feed yourself loving notions through meditation, affirmation, or by playing your favorite empowering songs. Do something for yourself everyday that make you feel good. It does not, and should not, always be food! Instead, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or take a luxe bath at the end of the day. Do things on a daily basis that celebrate your self-worth.
3. Be A Flirt!
Give genuine compliments to others, at least once per day. This boosts your attractive quotient and lets people know that you are interested and interesting. I believe there is an art to this! Sophistication is better than being sleazy. However, you can mix both, leaning more towards sophistication!
4. Create A Sensual Environment
I think a woman's home is her haven. Even if you share a home with family or others, or live as a single woman. If you live with others, carve out an area that has everything you need to feel and express yourself as a woman. This may be your closet, dresser or vanity. When your living space is just for you, every area should express who you are. The boudoir, wardrobe room, and bathroom are spaces that call for sensuality, whether using decor or bath and body products. Candles are must-haves because they give ambiance as well as fragrance to make you feel special and create a sexy mood.
5. Glam It Up!
Sexy women swear by sexy lingerie. It makes them feel sensual, attractive, and powerful. Flattering and well-fit underwear compliments your shape and style. I recommend always wearing a sexy bra and "cheekies," whether for business or leisure. Some women even put on their sexy garments with a pair of sexy heels and dance around in front of the mirror or for that special someone.

"Grab The Mic And Own The Stage!"~KeKeMichel

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Travalistas Pack Toiletries InTheir Check-In Luggage!
Are you going on a cruise, island getaway, weekend retreat, or traveling for business? Whatever the reason for your travels, these "Travelista Tips" will inform how to travel with beauty items, especially bath and body items purchased through KeKeMichel SpaLiving.

Many of us know that there are size and quantity rules relative to toiletries packed in carry-on luggage (More Info). However, did you know that size and quantity are not factors for check-in luggage? People pack and carry toiletries in carry-ons for convenience and immediate use, and in case their check-in luggage containing their regular-sized cosmetics is lost or delayed.

Products from KeKeMichel SpaLiving can be portioned into travel-sized containers for carry-on luggage, or kept in original containers and packed for check-in luggage. However, we recommend keeping our beautifully packaged products in their original containers, and packing them in luggage for check-in. When you travel, you want to use your own luxury scents, in the quantity you want, versus having to use the few tiny bottles of cheap hotel bath and body products that do not give you the spa quality essence that you are accustomed (even though they may have "Spa" printed on the bottles. So, when you pack your check-in bags, please leave room for your bath and body products from KeKeMichel SpaLiving to ensure the relaxation and energy you need during your travel. Happy travels.

Featured Brand Category | Product Name
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Spa Like A Diva
The Art of Indulgence
Seaside Relaxation
My Zen-ful Life
I'm In Paradise
Do you know the meaning of the word SPA? In Latin, it means: Salus (S), Per (P), Aqua (A), "Salus per Aqua," or "Healing through Water." The spa lifestyle is the greatest. It is a life of bliss and treatments for the spirit, mind, and body. There are different types of spas, and it depends on what your needs are:
  • Luxury Spas- full spa services, with the ultimate treatments, professional service, amenities and facilities, for pure indulgence
  • Resort Spas-also called Amenity Spas located in fine  hotels for business and leisure travelers 
  • Club Spas-part of a country club or fitness club facility
  • Day Spas-general services from massages and facials to salon treatments, for on the go, when time schedule is limited
  • Destination Spas-is more of a long-term spa living experience, whereby people go to heal, learn and practice healthier living, through educational classes and activities like horseback riding, swimming, yoga
  • Wellness Spas-focuses on physical wellness and medical services, using various health remedies, like Eastern or  Ayurvedic modalities, as well as Western modalities and regular spa services
  • Cosmetic/Medical Spas-operated by licensed specialists for beauty enhancement procedures and treatments like botox injections, chemical peels, dermal fillers, skin laser resurfacing
  • Mobile Spas-whereby services are brought to your home, business, or anywhere you are located
  • Dental Spas- are also springing up where you can get cosmetic treatments, like teeth-whitening in a more luxurious environment than regular dental offices
  • Eco Spas-services use only Eco friendly products, e.g. organic foods, and organic cosmetics. The facilities use only solar and natural power sources, providing the cleanest and healthiest spa experience
KeKeMichel LuxeLiving has good news for spa divas! Oprah.com presents the "Live Beautifully Daily Contest!" Contestants must fill out the form and submit a beautiful thought that inspires other women (500 Characters maximum). Fill out form (here). Must read Official Rules (here). Also, Spa Week and Jillian Michaels present the "Get Fit for Summer Giveaway!" Simply fill out the form (here). Must read Official Rules (here). 

BLOG UPDATE: 6/18/2011
Harrah's Resort/Atlantic City is featuring a "Single Ladies  [Spa] Getaway" in honor of Single Ladies, the fab new Vh1show. Get the details (here).
My Zen-ful Life
If you do not happen to win the contest, don't worry! The products here at KeKeMichel LuxeLiving will supply your home spa needs so that you will not miss a beat. Check out the products under our various brand categories. My Zen-ful Life and The Art of Indulgence have the most soothing products like you will find at Wellness, Destination, and Luxury spas. Thank you.
Good Luck,

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Motherhood is not easy. My idea is--motherhood is not a science, but an art. Our style of mothering is based on our own life experience, good or bad. Thus, mothers want and need a break--often. However, we equate "good motherhood" with taking care of home and family, all that pertains to other things and other people first. 

We appreciate when others think about us and do things to show appreciation. But, I want us women, especially mothers, to not wait for others to roll out the red carpet and attempt to make us feel good. Instead, let us shower that love and attention on ourselves, just like we lavish it on significant others in our lives. I know that this idea might seem frightening, and even selfish. But, ask any woman in pop culture about the integrity of self care, self appreciation, and pampering; she will tell you that it can be done, and once you make that first step, it will be something that you will continue because it is, quite frankly, a life line, a true life saver, an action that is life giving and life preserving.

Let this Mother's Day be the first step to embrace pampering. However, some of us do take time out for pampering--but not enough. I want us to do it often and allow it to be an integral part of our day-to-day living. I want mothers, and all women, who give so much of themselves to others and other things, to embrace LuxeLiving! I suggest starting with the following spa products from "The Art of Indulgence Line." Click on the pic for more details. Thank you.
~Health and Wealth,
Product Line: My Zen-ful Life
How are you feeling these days? Are you feeling less youthful--tired and worn out? Are work, academics, family, relationships, business, decisions, responsibilities, obligations taking there toll on you? What do you do when life's demands wear you out? Many women turn to food, especially comfort foods that are crunchy, sweet or salty! You feel me?! Cookies, chips, candy bars (especially chocolate), nuts are right there in the desk at work, or in the cabinets at home. These are things that are easily accessible and consumed unconsciously. As a result, what do we get? Unfortunately, we get more of what we do not want--fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, and premature aging. I recall a woman saying that she asked herself, as she looked in the mirror, am I being abused? She chuckled and the audience laughed, but she was making a point--she was not taking the best care of herself.

We have to do some things differently to get different, and better results. Everyday spa therapy is the answer and the best way to relieve the stress and pressure of our busy and hectic lifestyles. Spa therapy is about pampering yourself and a way of restoring and healing your spirit, mind, and body. The "My Zen-ful Life" product line is highly recommended and sure to pamper, relax, restore, and heal your body, mind, and spirit. The KeKeMichel Luxe Living brand is your fountain of youth!