1. Work Your Body
Being fit and trim boosts your self-esteem, posture, and your over all energy level. Women who work out at the gym, take yoga or belly dancing are amazed at their level of sensuality, and have an inner and outer glow.
2. Take Care Of Your Emotional Self
Do not be hard on yourself. Instead, feed yourself loving notions through meditation, affirmation, or by playing your favorite empowering songs. Do something for yourself everyday that make you feel good. It does not, and should not, always be food! Instead, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or take a luxe bath at the end of the day. Do things on a daily basis that celebrate your self-worth.
3. Be A Flirt!
Give genuine compliments to others, at least once per day. This boosts your attractive quotient and lets people know that you are interested and interesting. I believe there is an art to this! Sophistication is better than being sleazy. However, you can mix both, leaning more towards sophistication!
4. Create A Sensual Environment
I think a woman's home is her haven. Even if you share a home with family or others, or live as a single woman. If you live with others, carve out an area that has everything you need to feel and express yourself as a woman. This may be your closet, dresser or vanity. When your living space is just for you, every area should express who you are. The boudoir, wardrobe room, and bathroom are spaces that call for sensuality, whether using decor or bath and body products. Candles are must-haves because they give ambiance as well as fragrance to make you feel special and create a sexy mood.
5. Glam It Up!
Sexy women swear by sexy lingerie. It makes them feel sensual, attractive, and powerful. Flattering and well-fit underwear compliments your shape and style. I recommend always wearing a sexy bra and "cheekies," whether for business or leisure. Some women even put on their sexy garments with a pair of sexy heels and dance around in front of the mirror or for that special someone.

"Grab The Mic And Own The Stage!"~KeKeMichel

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