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8/26/2011 20:00:05


Travalistas Pack Toiletries InTheir Check-In Luggage!
Are you going on a cruise, island getaway, weekend retreat, or traveling for business? Whatever the reason for your travels, these "Travelista Tips" will inform how to travel with beauty items, especially bath and body items purchased through KeKeMichel SpaLiving.

Many of us know that there are size and quantity rules relative to toiletries packed in carry-on luggage (More Info). However, did you know that size and quantity are not factors for check-in luggage? People pack and carry toiletries in carry-ons for convenience and immediate use, and in case their check-in luggage containing their regular-sized cosmetics is lost or delayed.

Products from KeKeMichel SpaLiving can be portioned into travel-sized containers for carry-on luggage, or kept in original containers and packed for check-in luggage. However, we recommend keeping our beautifully packaged products in their original containers, and packing them in luggage for check-in. When you travel, you want to use your own luxury scents, in the quantity you want, versus having to use the few tiny bottles of cheap hotel bath and body products that do not give you the spa quality essence that you are accustomed (even though they may have "Spa" printed on the bottles. So, when you pack your check-in bags, please leave room for your bath and body products from KeKeMichel SpaLiving to ensure the relaxation and energy you need during your travel. Happy travels.

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