Do you know the meaning of the word SPA? In Latin, it means: Salus (S), Per (P), Aqua (A), "Salus per Aqua," or "Healing through Water." The spa lifestyle is the greatest. It is a life of bliss and treatments for the spirit, mind, and body. There are different types of spas, and it depends on what your needs are:
  • Luxury Spas- full spa services, with the ultimate treatments, professional service, amenities and facilities, for pure indulgence
  • Resort Spas-also called Amenity Spas located in fine  hotels for business and leisure travelers 
  • Club Spas-part of a country club or fitness club facility
  • Day Spas-general services from massages and facials to salon treatments, for on the go, when time schedule is limited
  • Destination Spas-is more of a long-term spa living experience, whereby people go to heal, learn and practice healthier living, through educational classes and activities like horseback riding, swimming, yoga
  • Wellness Spas-focuses on physical wellness and medical services, using various health remedies, like Eastern or  Ayurvedic modalities, as well as Western modalities and regular spa services
  • Cosmetic/Medical Spas-operated by licensed specialists for beauty enhancement procedures and treatments like botox injections, chemical peels, dermal fillers, skin laser resurfacing
  • Mobile Spas-whereby services are brought to your home, business, or anywhere you are located
  • Dental Spas- are also springing up where you can get cosmetic treatments, like teeth-whitening in a more luxurious environment than regular dental offices
  • Eco Spas-services use only Eco friendly products, e.g. organic foods, and organic cosmetics. The facilities use only solar and natural power sources, providing the cleanest and healthiest spa experience
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BLOG UPDATE: 6/18/2011
Harrah's Resort/Atlantic City is featuring a "Single Ladies  [Spa] Getaway" in honor of Single Ladies, the fab new Vh1show. Get the details (here).
My Zen-ful Life
If you do not happen to win the contest, don't worry! The products here at KeKeMichel LuxeLiving will supply your home spa needs so that you will not miss a beat. Check out the products under our various brand categories. My Zen-ful Life and The Art of Indulgence have the most soothing products like you will find at Wellness, Destination, and Luxury spas. Thank you.
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